Working with Rose was amazing!
She is so patient and kind and knows her stuff!
My self-concept has really transformed; I feel renewed and clear about my power and what I want out of life!

My review is based on the unlimited coaching for 30days with Rose. Rose has been such an inspiration and amazing coach. Just the questionnaire and package she put together when you first join help break down some moments I needed to see. It was like an “oh wow I never thought of that” moment after reading it. The whole package Is set up so it’s perfect and easy to read and understand. She is wonderful at coaching and takes the time to talk and hear you out without sugar coating anything. She breaks it down to the point. Her affirmations are custom to your story which she takes the time to write it and really help solve deep issues. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to seriously change their face and their self concept to sign up for her unlimited coaching.

Rozana is an absolutely incredible coach. She is present, loving and kind. I booked a 1:1 unlimited package for her and she was incredibly persistent in her approach. She kept me on track and did NOT let me succumb to any negative thoughts or feelings. I also purchased her SP Workbook and HOLY CRAP!!! This is probably the BEST investment I've ever made in myself in terms of manifesting an SP. She clearly breaks down everything you can do to become crystal clear on this relationship. I have had breakthrough after breakthrough when using this workbook. THANK YOU ROZANA!!

Narley K