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Hey, Fellas

Hi, I'm Rozana!
Certified REBT & NLP Life Coach

I help empower women to transform their entire lives & state of being through mind-body integration + tactical, practical approach for MAXIMUM RESULTS.

If you're ready to cut the bullshit and step into the version of you who is living your dream life, you're at the right place!


You've probably been going from video to video, coach to coach, & book to book,  hoping you would find the answer, but you end up hearing the same information. 

I've been there, and trust me, you're not capable. You probably understand the concepts fully, but implementing it on day-to-day basis is the tricky part. One day things are moving,, then the next couple of weeks, everything seems stagnant or backwards.

Here's why - No one is sharing practical solutions to ensure long-term success. All the techniques and tools that are being shared are hyperfocused on quick fixes without changing the core: Your state of being

I'm here to teach you the HOW: How to uplevel your confidence, how to cultivate healthy relationships, how to release resistance & so much more!

Quantum Your Life (QYL)

1-1 Coaching Program - April 2023

My signature 10-week program is unlike ANYTHING I have done before, using my transformative 5-Step Process. It's all about rebranding your life, stepping into the quantum field, having more balance in your life & falling in love with yourself again! 

  • 10 Voice Calls
  • 10 weeks of DM support
  •  4 Meditation Tracks
  • Exclusive workbook
  • EFT Masterclass
  • Quantum Physics Masterclass
  • Sleep Affirmation Tape: Success In All Areas
  • Customised plans
  •  Bonuses & Freebies!

What's Included In The Program?

Warning: Tough Love!

Please note that this program is limited to 6 people only. If you are ready to manifest your dream life before the summer with massive transformation, and growth, send in your application to be reviewed and to save your spot!

  • Have unwavering self-concept and self-love 
  • Clear vision of whom you want to be & how you view yourself
  • Practice unconditional love 
  • Release self-judgment 
  • Have an internal balance that allows you to stay on track 
  • End the wavering when you have spiritual, mental & emotional health 

This Program, You Will Learn How To:

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Time to overhaul your entire life! Grab one of my self-study courses to practice embodiment, manifest true love & your dream body!​ New meditations are now available to get the love of your life AND keep them for life!

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