Modified 04-24-2024

This blog post is all about my personal feelings about the Law of Assumption community. Nothing I say here is about the law, as the law does NOT discriminate. My entire post is about the community. While I love writing about manifestation concepts, my entire Instagram already covers that. Our views might differ, but that’s okay. It’s important to keep the space open for people to share their perspectives & experiences, as long as it is expressed in a friendly and respectful manner. On a separate note, I’m thinking of using this space to give you more of an insight as to who I am as a person, not just as a coach. I haven’t made a decision yet, but currently, I feel called to do this to show you more of who I am. Please note that this blog post contains content that might be triggering as it covers topics related to mental health & abuse. If any of these topics trigger you in any way, please avoid this post. Your health matters the most.

Let’s start with what I like about the Law of Assumption COMMUNITY:

Supportive Communities - I have never experienced so much support in any other community. Strangers connect on the internet and they willingly help each other out in comment sections, and Facebook groups. Before getting into this community, I was never a fan of online friends due to some trust issues. As I have been working on that and intending to meet more like-minded people, I have seen results have been drastic. At this point, I have more online friends than real-life friends. I know that in this community that if anyone needs a new friend, group support, or just connects with people working towards the same goals, you will always find that.

Confidence is Encouraged - I love how much confidence is encouraged in this community. Generally, if you post elsewhere “I’m the sexiest queen” people will tell you that it is vain and arrogant (yes, that is an assumption). However, if you post that on a Facebook group, people will cheer for you and hype you up even more.

An Abundance of Resources - Everywhere I look, there are tons of resources, even original ones like Neville Goddard’s books & lectures, and the work of Joseph Murphy. There are a lot of free resources that help people understand manifesting: YouTube videos, podcasts, articles & Instagram pages. Most questions have an answer in this community. Whether you want to expand your knowledge about manifestation from a spiritual perspective or a scientific perspective or even a religious perspective, you will find help and resources here.

People Push You To Be Consistent - I believe that mastering consistency is mastering your life in many ways. A consistent person has the ability to stick to their schedule and daily routine (manifestation rituals, exercise programs, mental health toolkit, studies, work, projects, and more). Overall you find more balance in your life. The consistent application creates consistent results.

Desires Aren’t Judged - People who UNDERSTAND the law of assumption encourage your desires and whatever path you choose in life. Whether you are manifesting a person who has been away for years or a job that you don’t have the qualifications for, the community always encourages you to go after what you want and get it.

Inspiring - A lot of success stories (e.g. healing from conditions that don’t have a cure) and motivational content out there!

Various Approaches - I like seeing various approaches and perspectives unless it’s a limiting one. I believe that there is beauty in variation. If everyone had the same approach of “SATs every night” or “affirm all day” then how would we as a community expand our learning, manifestation skills, and knowledge?

Coaches on Instagram Promoting One Another - I see most pages manifestation coaches on Instagram resharing posts of other coaches. I love that there is no competition or fear or feelings of jealousy or insecurity. Everyone just shares what is helpful to their followers even if it means sending them to the other coaches’ page.


Now for my dislikes, here goes nothing:

Cult-Like Communities - There are a lot of communities that are not open to any approach or technique but theirs. It’s okay to disagree with others, however, I see people getting kicked out of groups for simply having a different opinion and a different experience. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and while you might be at a more advanced level than someone, you were a beginner at some point with little to no knowledge. Let’s encourage growth rather than shut people out for coming from a law of attraction community or disagreeing with “affirming all day.” This community was created, to begin with, to share the knowledge and support each other, not tear each other down. Some people get results from an Abraham Hicks approach, others like me get mostly results from a Neville approach. I wouldn’t say I am purely Neville though but I love integrating his original teachings as it is the foundation of the law of assumption.

War Between Law of Attraction & Law of Assumption - Instead of having this huge online war, just practice what you preach and apply what you believe in rather than creating all these posts to name-call the law of attraction community. From my perspective, I think the concept of ‘ask, believe, receive’ is exactly the same as ‘assume until it hardens into fact.’ The difference is that we know that you don't HAVE to make it a condition to believe to get what you want. Though I don’t agree with the law of attraction community for promoting spiritual bypassing/toxic positivity and I find the law of assumption to explore deeper concepts such as everyone is you pushed out and consciousness is the only reality. Either way, I didn’t come to this community to engage in some bullshit war.

Doesn’t Always Encourage Healing & Self-love - Yes, you can manifest whatever you want even without self-love as you have been doing it your entire life, but just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should. Why manifest a specific person or money and still feel icky about yourself? You can have the best of both worlds - Sp & money, and self-love/healing. I don’t see why it has to be either-or. In the end, self-love and healing are FOR YOU not to get someone. Just like you work on multiple manifestations at once, make self-love part of your practice. You don’t have to put everything in life on hold till you fully love yourself. 

Parroting Each Other Without Providing Insight - A lot of times people just parrot “Assume and persist.” Yes, this is pretty much what you need to do: Assume you have what you want and persist on the end only. However, I don’t always see a lot of value in some YouTube videos as it is all repeating the same shit. I am aware that this is all there is to the law, but manifesting is NOT just about getting. Manifestation is a journey of self-discovery and growth. The byproduct of that is the manifestation. This is why people go back and forth, they get what they want then lose it because they’re not self-aware or know how to deal with things like fears and insecurities when they come up. It’s upsetting that people even pay for coaching sessions only to be told: “affirm till it manifests.” This is basic Reddit advice. Coaching is supposed to be personalised. It is not to teach the law, yes coaches can help you understand certain concepts but it is about getting out of your own way and knowing how to apply to get what you desire.

Coaches Publically Arguing - I do NOT care in any shape or form why two coaches don’t like each other. We are here for value and to unlearn the bullshit that we have been taught. In my opinion, it is very unprofessional to make videos and posts bashing another coach. I don’t feel the need to do that just to get people on my side. We came to this community to create a safe space for everyone to share their journeys together with like-minded people. There is nothing “authentic” about fighting online. It’s unproductive to share that and it is not giving the community anything but their own assumptions about the other coach(es). Unless it is something that is extremely important to tackle online, then I understand.

Ignoring Important Topics (Diversity, Mental Health & Bullying) - Imagine you just injured your leg and it is bleeding. Are you just going to let it bleed? Or are you going to do both the mental (focusing on healing) and physical work (cleaning the wound, closing it, and then putting a bandage on)? This is exactly the same here. Just because everyone is us pushed out, it doesn’t mean we should pretend that these issues don’t exist and tell someone to just affirm. Bullying, racism, homophobia, and Islamaphobia create a lot of trauma, with that comes trust issues, anxiety, other fears, etc… So it is important to address these. To manifest anything, we identify the problem to focus on the solution. Frankly, I don’t see anyone doing that. They just say ignore, but are they truly manifesting a better world? It’s usually the people who aren’t affected by discrimination that tell you to just ignore it. As an Arab, and as a coach, I know how uncomfortable it is for myself and my clients to hear that. While mental illnesses are described as “just a state,” you have to deal with the current state that you’re in while focusing on the ideal state you want to shift to. The people who don’t shift quickly have unaddressed underlying assumptions and that takes awareness, learning how to deal with these feelings and manifest the version they want to become. Hear people out instead of shutting them out because you feel uncomfortable by the topics of discrimination. We are still having a human experience. Just like you willingly lend others money to help them and choose to see them as wealthy, why not donate to these charities and start working on seeing them loved, accepted, and heard?

The Obsession with ‘Getting’ - I already covered this when I said manifestation is a byproduct of this journey. I don’t like any approach that teaches you to constantly live from a place of trying to get something. Manifestation is simply embodiment. If consciously affirming helps you, then do that. If imagining it once helps you, then do that. Though we should still go on our day and enjoy the present moment rather than put our happiness in the future and soak in worries all day. I promise you can enjoy a movie night with your friends without affirming while watching the movie. There should be a balance.

Overanalysing Everything - Ever seen the comments “Do you affirm once or 4 times an hour?” “If I listen to affirmation tapes will it work? And does it have to be I am or you are affirmations in someone else’s voice?” Well in all honesty, if you were applying then you would know the answers to these, but my point is you shouldn’t be looking so deep into every little thing. Before knowing about conscious manifestation, what worked for you? Did you sit there and wonder about all that little stuff? No. You chose to either trust or not trust. It’s simple.